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14&39l 96"w 84"h Van Body (1) 14&39l 96"w Flatbed (1) 15&39l 96"w 84"h Van Body (1) 16&39l 96"w 78"h Van Body (1)
16&39l 96"w 84"h Van Body (1) 16&39l 96"w 85"h Van Body (1) 16&39l 96"w 90"h Van Body (1) 20&39l 96"w 84"h Van Body (1)
24&39l 102"w Flatbed With Liftgate (1) 24&39l 96"w 102"h Van Body (1) 24&39l 96"w 79"h Reefer Van Body (1) 24&39l 96"w 84"h Van Body (1)
24&39l 96"w 90"h Van Body (1) 24&39l 96"w 96"h Van Body (2)    

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